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  Submission Guidelines

  • All submissions have to be your original pieces.
  • If published elsewhere, please make sure copyright is yours. On some rare occasions we accept previously published work whose copyright resides with the author, but Cerebration mostly prefers unpublished, original work in every issue.
  • When using external sources, quotes, interviews or articles please make sure to mention the source, author, page numbers, article with date and year to avoid plagiarism. We would like the citations to be in MLA format but if you are unfamiliar with it, then please include all the sources at the bottom of your work and we will edit it accordingly.
  • Simultaneous submissions are not allowed anywhere and we follow the same rules here. If you have submitted your work to Cerebration, we will presume that we have the right to publish it, if the editorial team accepts the submission for an issue. 
  • We reserve the right to decide whether or not to allow withdrawals on a case to case basis, however, if you haven't sent us a withdrawal, and your work is accepted and published, you won't be able to withdraw it later for another publication. 
  • We will edit your written work for grammatical errors; if any other changes are made, the author would be notified before the final piece is published.
  • We the editors reserve the right to publish only the work we deem fit and also the right to remove published work without any notice.
  • Only the name of the author/artist will be published. No email addresses, no website url are included in the writers' bio.
  • Our aim is to bridge the gap between academia and non-academic audiences, so we accept submissions on topics ranging from Politics, Culture and Literature to Science, Art, Music, Films and so on. Essays and columns do not have any word-limit.
  • We accept translations but do not translate at Cerebration as it is too time consuming. Please do NOT send us any work in a language other than English.
  • No payment of any kind will be made to anyone who submits work to this magazine.
  • We accept sponsorships. If you would like to help Cerebration, which is a nonprofit magazine please write to editors@cerebration.org. Any amount helps.
  • We respect your privacy and on no account will we disclose your email address to anybody.
  • You can submit your work through the submissions page or submissions may be sent to submissions@cerebration.org
  • Please feel free to comment on the work published on our site. You can use the Writers Room for this but please keep it to a constructive discussion.
  • Please be patient after submitting your work. We get lots of submissions, so we may not be able to respond to all mails immediately. Rest assured you will get a response eventually. We inform everyone about the status of their submission by email.
  • Multiple submissions are welcome and all art work must be sent in jpg format; please include a small bio about yourself as the writer or artist with your submission.


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