I am the Capital City,
I splurge as I please;
My religion and my Red Line-
They kill with equal ease.

I the Capital City,
I swagger, I rejoice;
From personage to peanuts,
Pretty high is my price.

I am the Capital City,
Invaded by shanty town;
So every once in a while,
I burn the shanty down;

Then I build with fervour,
Begot of Number Two;
I thrust my Sierra,
I am in Who is Who.

I frequent Five Star bust,
I visit cinema at noon;
While morons attend to movie,
I cackle on cello-phone.

I am the Capital City,
Plugged to hi-fi socket;
I am way ahead of the nation,
For my brain is in my pocket.

Dr. Badri Raina, Professor of English at the Delhi University, writes on cultural and political issues.










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