Desolation was the brooding presence,
this summer.
The Mandara* tree spread grimness
on three acres of flowerless land,
though the rains were a day or two away.
Serenity was coaxed with paper fans
out of the sun’s nested brood of clouds.
Unborn mayflies hatched hopes
that floated as heated wisp
of the air in mornings.
How feeble were our musings
when weather’s beauty
had to be seasoned with smell
of honey and lemon juice
and fervent calls of children
stooping down in the heat
on their way to the bore well.
One saw warmth that smothered,
all around;
heat that scorched our anxieties
like a chimney blast.
“Rains”, was all you said,
as the mayflies gathered on the terrace,
thunder alighting on the sparrows.

(* A flowering tree commonly seen in Kerala)


Ajay M K's poetry has been widely published in several journals including Brown Critique, The Little Magazine, Orbis and his work has also been selected for publication by Chandrabhaga. His first collection of poems, "Fascimile of Beliefs" was published in summer 2004. The poet was born and brought up in the coastal town of Kozhikode, Kerala and he currently lives with his family in Aurangabad.









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