It's time to party
Greying hair
Bulging bellies
A shot of rum, a drop of whiskey
A satchel across ones shoulder
A look of frustration

A snazzy jacket, a painted face-
friendly adoration
Do I work or do I play
Do I yearn or do I entertain

Or do I earn?










Sound, nervous energy, sound
An effort to succeed
An effort to avoid
Politics, intra and extra
The mobile telephone-
technical and banal
A serious look-
a commitment to one's salary
Deep thought
what do I do now?

the keyboard
the glare of a monitor
a protruding desktop computer-
my great wall of china
Stunning sarees and coy conversation
the movement of lips - endless banter
a languid walk
a smirk on the face
a job well done

Vishnu Som is a reporter and anchor with New Delhi Television.







Digital Art by Kabir Kashyap Web graphics and design by Smita Maitra