Yahoo doth come,
To the vortex of portals
Digitized, they regurgitate
Searching for meaning.

Silicon implants,
(No promise of pneumatic bliss)
Power desire, seamlessly threading
Webs of green.

Rediffused, filtered and blended,
Virtual eyes shut out reality.
Compacts with online karma
The new balm of day's networked care.

The jargon of connectivity
Passwords to Heaven's Gate,
3D with AGP, the http:// of insanity.

Increased bandwidth only brings
Titillations of Direct XXX.

Encrypted emotion, holographic love,
Virtual virtuality, reality forgotten.

A new generation,
Seraphically free,
From the silly shackles of Humanity.










Background image by Kabir Kashyap Web graphics and design by Smita Maitra