And you hear me from far away,
My voice does not reach you:
Let me come to be still in your silence.


You write well, my friend-
But words
Are not for me.

I played with images, once.
I gave it up.
For I found
When the sun went down
All was dark.

Strange violet shadows
Drive horsemen
Through my dreams.

I have lost the battle
I have lost the war.
Chariotless, I stand

I have no kingdom
I need no horse.
I will not walk straight again.
I will carry memory,
In the hint of my limp.

Gloom descends in the rain;
Forming large droplets.
I can feel the spray
Against my skin.

It's the memory
Of the warm glow on her cheeks
That reminds me
Of smoke-filled coffee-houses,
Browsing through magazines,
Neon signs shine on puddles of rain-water.

I still like the taste of coffee
Short, strong, morbid.
I like the wind stinging my face,
I like the tap-tapping of the shoe-soles
On the cobbled walk;
The bitterness of orange-peels
In my marmalade.
Two lumps of sugar
In my tea.
Peeling off the vestiges of my mind
I take a drag of my cigarette.

You looked at me.
I could see your eyes-
Your eyelashes embraced,
Over your cow-eyes.
I thought I saw darkness-
Give me a smile.

I wanted to play with you
But you were in search
Of the moon.

Gloom descends
The rains come
Droplets touch me.

It's a tingling sensation
Of sadness
Of solitude
Of a touch
I felt-
I felt no more.

I have read of the mermaids singing
Now I want to hear them sing.

Sing me that song you sang me last
I am feeling sleepy-
I need to rest.

Gloom descends in the rain
Spraying droplets of sadness;
The greens and the greys
Mix in my mind

I feel the touch of warmth-
It is not her.










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