I went to sit by the sea when the sun,
Was spreading color which pleased the sight.
At the end of the day when my work was done,
And birds awaited the fall of night.
And as the waves tickled my feet,
I could feel my worries slip away.
As from my golden sandy seat,
I watched the sun's fading ray.
The waves leapt up to touch the fiery sky,
and sprayed water salty to taste,
The rocks had retreated and the tide was high,
And the birds flew home in haste.
Home? I have none at all,
The soft sand is my bed.
Roof--The palm trees tall,
And the rocks 'neath my head.
I love the sea for here I was born,
Rocked in a cradle made of a wave.
The sea has seen my life's first morn,
And it will one day make my grave.









Digital Art by Kabir Kashyap Web graphics and design by Smita Maitra